Monthly Newspaper Column

The Hub City times has graciously agreed to support Marshfield Area Community Fundation, Inc. by running a monthly column about the happenings here at the Foundation. Links to PDF copies of recent columns appear below. Thank you, Adam Hocking and the Hub City Times!

Hub City Times:

December 2016: John Harrington Makes Gift to Community

October 2016: Performing Arts Fund Accepting Proposals

May: Scholarship Winners Announced

April 2016: Grant Opportunities

March 2016: Spring and Scholarships

February 2016: 12th Annual Scholarship Bulletin Available

February 2016: Historical Society Opens Fund at MACF

January 2016: MACF Year in Review

November 2015:Recognizing the Impact of Community Foundations

September 2015: Keep Kids Warm

August 2015: Bokern Gift

June 2105: Vital Signs

May 2015: A New Website Honoring Matt Pilz


August:Community Grants Awarded

August:New Board Member:Michelle Boernke

June 2015: Scholarships Awarded

2015 Archives (Marshfield News Herald)

April 2015: Community, Senior, and Women's Grant Opportunities

March 2015: Speak Your Peace

February 2015: Scholarship Time

January 2015: A New Year - A Time for Reflection and New Goals


December 2014: Christmas Traditions - Part 2

November 2014: Instillling the Love of Reading

October 2014: Keep Kids Warm and Nutrition on Weekends

September 2014: Adler Family Grizzly Bear Enclosure

August 2014: Does Your Family Have a Reunion?

July 2014: Community Grants $3.8 Million and Growing

June 2014: Students Helping Students

May 2014: Scholarships Awarded

April 2014: Class of 1954 Celebrates 60th Reunion

March 2014: Make IT Happen

February 2014: Scholarships Help to Offset the Rising Cost of Education

January 2014: A New Year- A Time for Reflection and New Goals