All About Our Funds

The Hamus Nature Preserve and Recreation Area Fund built a beautiful new park on Marshfield's north side.

The Hamus Nature Preserve and Recreation Area Fund built a beautiful new park on Marshfield's north side.

The funds managed by Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. are the very soul of what we are all about. They represent the philanthropic interests of a great number of people in our community. Their names tell a story, about the cause being served, the donor behind the fund, or a person being remembered.

One of the great virtues of community foundations is that it makes it easy for people to realize their charitable intentions with a relatively modest investment. In the process, their endowed funds not only make a permanent, charitable impact, they also honor the causes they benefit and often memorialize a loved one.

Establishing a fund with the Foundation is a simple and painless process. Using our fund templates, it is possible for a donor to establish a fund literally in minutes. The "Establishing a Fund" page should provide most of the information you need.

Keep in mind, though, that the templates are only a model, and that most fund agreements are customized to reflect the priorities and preferences of the donors. Scholarship funds, for instance, vary a great deal in detail with widely differing criteria.

Despite the simplicity of the process, establishing a charitable fund is obviously a serious undertaking and sometimes has significant tax consequences (most often favorable, we believe.) We always recommend that our potential donors consult with their attorney, accountant, or financial advisor for additional information on how their gift to Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. can help meet their charitable and personal goals.

Of course it isn't necessary to establish a new fund in order to make a charitable gift to the Foundation. Gifts, including memorial gifts, may be added to established funds. If an existing fund is compatible with your charitable goals, contributing to that fund will increase its grant-making capability.

Another fund that really needs community support and welcomes memorial contributions is our Unrestricted Fund. This fund is our most flexible, as it responds to the changing charitable needs of the community through an annual competitive application process. See the "Making a Charitable Gift" page for details on any kind of contribution and go to the "A List of All Our Funds" page to open a comprehensive list of our funds to date.