A Little History

Anne Victoria and Elizabeth Bille Adler

Anne Victoria and Elizabeth Bille Adler

A pioneer Marshfield family provided the impetus for the establishment of Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. in 1993. The two daughters of John Peter (J.P.) Adler and Rosamond Victoria Bille Adler shared a goal: to make a long-term impact on their home community of Marshfield in the name of their parents.

Anne Victoria and Elizabeth Bille Adler studied many vehicles for a memorial to their family. In 1993 they offered a challenge grant of $25,000. This money was used to establish the Adler Family Fund within the Foundation. It provided the motivating force from which Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. emerged. Joe Lang shortly thereafter came forward to establish the Joe Lang Fund; thereby “matching” the amount required by the Adler grant, and Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. was officially underway.

The founding board members consisted of:

  • Bette Adler
  • Anne Adler
  • James Bartelt
  • Sandra Garrand
  • Jack Hackman
  • Robert Heck
  • Rev. Bob Jacobs
  • Pat LeGrand
  • Margaret Leonard
  • Carol McCart
  • Ralph Mueller
  • Betty Ptacek
  • Cliff Reigel
  • Terri Richards
  • Clem Spencer
  • Mary Pat Swamy
  • Doug Wendlandt

In 1999, the Foundation's assets reached $1 million and had 31 funds. Since then it has grown to over $16 million with 233 funds. These funds include unrestricted funds, designated funds, field of interest funds, scholarship funds, donor advised funds, project specific, and legacy funds. (See All About Our Funds for a full description of each type of fund.)

In 2004, Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. was recognized as having met the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. This was a proud achievement for the Foundation and one that required a lengthy and intense self-review and, in some cases, revising and updating our policies and practices.

The National Standards serve both as a blueprint for internal organizational development and as a tangible set of benchmarks for external assessment of performance. Basically, achieving National Standards means we have strengthened our commitment to serving our community with accountability and excellence.

The National Standards certification process never ends. We are trying constantly to improve our service to our donors and our community. Under the careful management of its Board and staff, the Foundation is working to make Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. stronger today and stronger for future generations.

We were initially established as a trust in 1993, Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. changed it's organizational structure to a corporation, effective January 1, 2016. This is consistent with other Community Foundations throughout the country who have taken similar action.

We prepared a short video of our history: Looking Back, Moving Forward . Marilyn Hardacre, Terry Frankland, Joyce Billings, Dean Markwardt, Kelly Bender, Ron Sturomski, and Amber Leifheit talk about the important milestones for the Foundation: