Donations to Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. may be given in memory of an individual. In such cases, MACF informs the fund holder as well as the individual honored or the family of the person memorialized. This listing includes gifts given in fiscal year 2015.

Gifts Given as Memorials (January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015)

Ace Academy

  • John and Jane Wagner in memory of Sherry Eng

Central Chamber Chorale Fund

In memory of Margaret Gronski :

  • Robert and Karleen Remington
  • Ann E Stevning-Roe

In memory of Barb Mahler:

  • Linda and Bruce Feldt
  • Karleen Remington
  • Ann Stevning- Roe

In memory of David Hemke:

  • Kathryn Biederwolf
  • Mary Lou Costello
  • Joyce and Don Fox
  • Ellen and Skip Mazurek
  • Gregory and Cheryl Sterzinger
  • Ann and Bart Stevning -Roe
  • William and Gerri Toyama
  • Carol Jashman in memory of David Hemke, Tina Wuethrich, Laurie Raatz, Robert Retxer
  • Bruce and Linda Feldt in memory of David Hemke and Mary McCollum

Chestnut Center for the Arts Building Fund

  • Associated Bank in memory of Earl Nelson

Felhofer Scholarship Fund

Forever Fund

  • Dr William and Gerri Toyama in memory of Dr. Pandy Swamy
  • Allen and Linda Yetter in memory of Art and Molly Nuhlicek and Allen and Mabel Yetter

Jeremy Meisnner KidZone Fund

  • Numerous family, friends, and community members

Marilyn Hardacre Park Fund

  • Paul J. Rogers in memory of Mary Ann Haley Rogers

Marshfield Area Baseball Association

  • Briana Fahey inmemory of Nathan Gallant

Marsfhfield Public Library and Community Center

  • Brian Ewert and Kathleen Rulka in memory of Betty Gribble
  • Sara Huettl in memory of Bette Fassler
  • William and Mary Scheuer in memory of Helen and Cyril Scheuer and Wilfred and Ann Maurer
  • Gary and Ruth Elderbrook in memory of Melissa Elderbrook
  • Joan Finamore in memory of Joseph Finamore
  • Marshfield Public Library Foudation in memory of James F Sparr - WWII POW and Veteran, Teacher and Reader
  • John and Jane Wagner in memory of Violet Pilgrim
  • Sarah, Olivia, Theresa and Elliot Hahn in memory of James Hahn
  • Judith Rhodes in memory of Ross Rhodes MD
  • Barbara Altman in memory of Ronald Altman
  • Terry and Allean Frankland In memory of Beety Jane Biechler

In memory of Esther Dehn

  • Terry and Barb Gillespie
  • Dorothy Huntwork Shield
  • Janet Wolfe
  • Susan Mickel
  • Georgeanne Cusic
  • Julie Horton
  • Bridget O'Brien
  • Mary Meich
  • Sarah Hanson

In memeory of Agnes Morinski

  • Judith Strack
  • John Morzinski

McArthur Memorial Scholarship

  • Jennifer Fredrick

Salamonski Memorial Scholarship

  • Mike and Susan Cvetkovic in memory of Jeanne Salvatori

Stock the Shelves

  • James and Shirley Fern in memory of Marcella Mae Snader
  • Alice Hanson in memory of Hanford Hanson
  • Carol Luepke in memory of Lillian Dietsche
  • Ronald and Eileen Rahm in memory of Alice Rahm Guttman
  • Douglas Rau in memory of Audrey Rau
  • Deanna Rotar in memory of Joe and Mary Kauer and Joe and Gladys Brickheimer
  • Don and Jackie Schueller in memory of Carolee Schueller

Tennis Now Fund

  • Gifts given in memory of Jerry Boson:
  • Vernon Baltus
  • Marshall and Georgeanne Cusic
  • Jennifer Deming
  • Doine Excavating
  • Gregory and Katherine Dosedel
  • Jean Doty
  • Arlan and Priscilla Ferch
  • Marilyn Graham
  • Patrick Guensberg
  • Bradford and Kendra Haessly
  • Karmen Gorman and John Baur
  • Irvin and Nancy Johnson
  • Garry Koehler of Garry's Racquet Shop
  • Kent and Mary Lynn Kretchmar
  • Dr. Roger Krogstad
  • Marshfield Tiger Booster Club
  • Maurer Roofing
  • Gerald and Nancy Petcher
  • Catherine Pont
  • Jeffrey and Sharon Rasmussen
  • Robert and Karen Rasmussen
  • Cindy Schwartz
  • John and Lori Seehafer
  • Richard and Carol Seehafer
  • Jeffrey and Ann Serchen
  • Kenneth and Joan Shong
  • Randall and Sheila Shortess
  • David and Charlotte Smith
  • William and Gerri Toyoma
  • Marliss Trudeau
  • Tom and Bonnie Umhoefer
  • Larry and Sara Yaeger

Wildwood Zoo Capital Improvement Fund

  • Anne Marx in memory of John L. and Cathryn A. Marx
  • Ronals and Susan Dix in memory or Ray and Judy Watson
Gifts given in memory of Frank Vandehey
  • Many family members, friends, local businesses, donated in memory of Frank Vandehey