A List of All Our Funds

Within the Foundation are over 200 funds — each established, named, and custom designed by its donors. Their sizes and purposes differ, but all share the primary focus of bettering lives in the Marshfield area. A full listing of our funds including descriptions can be downloaded below in PDF format. We also compiled this list by interest. If you'd like to find a fund that supports your interest this may help. Of course we are always willing to talk to you and explain the purpose of any fund. Just contact us and we'll be gald to help!

Fund List with Descriptions

Fund List by Classification

Funds - AnimalsAnimals

Funds that are animal related:

  • Forever Fund
  • Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Capital Improvements
  • Marshfield Dog Park Fund
  • Wildwood Zoo Capital Improvement
  • Hamus Wildwood Zoological Society Supoort for Wildwood Zoo Fund
  • Zoo Bear Fund


Funds that support the arts:

  • Central Chamber Chorale Fund
  • Chestnut Avenue for the Arts Fund
  • Cole Family Music Fund
  • Community Grants Fund
  • Custer Palm Sunday Concert Choir Fund
  • Forever Fund
  • Greg & Sally Rindfleisch Performing Arts Fund
  • LuCille Tack Center for the Arts Fund


Funds that support community development:

  • Community Grants Fund
  • Community Square Fund
  • Custer Marshfield Historic Preservation Association Fund
  • Forever Fund
  • Heritage Fund
  • Jerry & Rita Heinzen and Family Fund
  • John P Adler Family Community Improvement Fund
  • Marilyn Hardacre Park Maintenance
  • Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth
  • Marshfield Community Athletic Fund
  • Marshfield History Project Fund
  • Marshfield Library and Community Center Project
  • Weber Family Fund

Funds that support Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc.:

  • Forever Fund
  • Marshfield Area Community Foundation Operational Endowment

Funds - EducationEducation

Funds that support education:

  • Marshfield Education Foundation
  • Marshfield Education Fund
  • Bokern Academic Leadership Fund
  • Carol Phillips Education Fund
  • ACE Academy Donor Advised Fund
  • Alec Salamonski Scholarship Fund
  • Alex and Geraldine Piotrowski Scholarship Fund
  • Altrusa International Scholarship Fund
  • Anderson Memorial Dance Scholarship Fund
  • Anne V Adler Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Bill Burnham Scholarship Fund
  • Bill and Amber Mitten Fund
  • Blanchard AP Scholarship Fund
  • Bokern Academic Leadership Fund
  • Kathy Bradle Scholarship Fund
  • James L. Brost Memorial Scholarship
  • Bobbie Karlen Memorial Scholarship
  • Carol Phillips Memorial Fund
  • Central WI Cheesemakers & Buttermakers Association Scholarship Fund
  • Chris Boyer Memorial Fund
  • Cliver Scholarship Fund
  • Dale and Mary Jane Sief Scholarship Fund
  • Daniel Kummer Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • David L. MacArthur Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • David Wagner Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dorothy Olson Scholarship Fund
  • Dorothy and Alex B. Knox Fund
  • Dr. Roger Van Der Vorste Fund
  • Dr. Russell F. Lewis Memorial Student Athlete Scholarship Fund
  • Elma J. Lanterman Endowment Fund
  • Felhofer Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Fore Bill Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Foster Will Scholarship Fund
  • Frautschy-Fredrick Baseball Scholarship Fund
  • Gina Del Fatti Johnson GHS Class of 1992 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Grace A Caliebe Scholarship Fund
  • H.G. "Pete" and Patrice LeGrand Fund
  • Harry & Gladys Chronquist Family Scholarship Fund
  • John P. and Dr. Margaret Ives Leonard Fund
  • Jacob Navarro Scholarship Fund
  • James Brasington Theater Scholarship Fund
  • James Francis Bokern Memorial Fund
  • Jeremy Meissner KidZone Fund
  • Jerry R. Witt Natural Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • Jewell Educational Scholarship Fund
  • John & Marjorie O'Reilly Scholarship Fund
  • John J. Irvine Scholarship Fund
  • Kathy Bradle Memorial Scholarship for the FIne Arts
  • Kaye Scheuer Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Kim Shupe Memorial Fund
  • Kruse Family Scholarship Fund
  • LaVerne R. Kohs Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Louis J. & Betty Ptacek Scholarship Fund
  • MHS Senior Class Scholarship Fund
  • Mac Kinnon Family Scholarship
  • Margaret Quirt Heck AJ PEO Scholarship Fund
  • Marilyn Hardacre Fund
  • Marshfield Education Foundation
  • Marshfield Education Fund
  • Marshfield H.S. Troy Schmitt Scholarship Fund
  • Marshfield High School Alumni Fund
  • Marshfield Lions, Heller Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Marshfield Sister Cities Inc. Fund
  • Melvin & Ruth Schmidt Scholarship Fund
  • Melvin A. Hintz Columbus HS Biology Fund
  • Melvin A. Hintz Columbus HS Scholarship Fund
  • Mick Schier Memorial Fund
  • Milton A. Krom Scholarship Fund
  • Norbert & Joan LaSee Scholarship Fund
  • Norm-E-Lane Scholarship Fund
  • Alex and Geraldine Piotrowski Scholarship Fund
  • Pittsvile Education Foundation
  • Paul and JoAnn Schreiner Designated Fund
  • Paul and JoAnn Schreiner Scholarship Fund
  • Rosamund Victoria Bille Adler Scholarship Fund
  • Dale and Mary Jane Seif Scholarship Fund
  • Staab Construction Scholarship Fund
  • Stratford Education Foundation
  • Swanson Scholarship Fund
  • Ted J. Ketterl Scholarship Fund
  • Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center-Human Service Academy Fund
  • Troy Schmitt Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Verna Lueck Scholarship Fund
  • Vine Scholarship Acorn Fund

Funds - EnvironmentEnvironment

Funds that support our environment:

  • Forever Fund
  • Marshfield Outdoor Learning Sanctuary
  • Woodland Preservation Fund

Human Needs

Funds - Human NeedsFunds that support food for people in need:

  • Forever Fund
  • Marshfield Area Community Foundation Students Fund
  • Marshfield Area Community Foundation Nutrition on Weekend Fund
  • Marshfield High School and the Marshfield Area Community Foundation Partnership Fund
  • Rotary Winter Wonderland Foundation
  • Stock the Shelves Fund

Funds that support housing/shelter:

  • Forever Fund
  • Margaret B. King Habitat for Humanity Fund
  • Novy Family Fund for Marshfield Area Habitat for Humanity

Funds that support health:

  • Forever Fund
  • Paraechovirus Research and Awareness Fund

Funds that support human services:

  • Forever Fund
  • Goodwill Industries NCW Opportunity Fund
  • John & Marjorie O'Reilly Memorial Fund
  • Marshfield Sunrise Rotary Fund
  • Opportunity Development Centers Fund
  • Senior Citizen's Endowment Fund
  • United Way Endowment Fund
  • Women's Giving Circle Fund
  • YMCA Endowment Fund for Seniors

Funds that support youth:

  • Forever Fund
  • Bette Schloesser Youth Net Fund
  • Jeremy Meissner KidZone Fund
  • Keep Kids Warm (Marshfield Students)
  • Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth
  • Marshfield Area Kids Enrichment (M.A.K.E.) It Happen


Funds that support religion:

  • CAPA Fund
  • Immanuel Lutheran School Fund
  • Joseph A. Lang Fund
  • Leonard E. Hartl Fund
  • Melvin A. Hintz St. John's Parish Fund
  • Kroll Designated Fund
  • Paul Schreiner Designated Fund

Funds - Sports and LeisureSports / Leisure

Funds that support sports and leisure activities:

  • Community Square Fund
  • Forever Fund
  • Hackman Field
  • Hamus Park Designated Fund
  • Jerry & Carol Spindler Fund
  • Marilyn Hardacre Park Fund
  • Marilyn Hardacre Park Events and Promotion Fund
  • Marilyn Hardacre Park Refresh and Renew Fund
  • Marsh-21, Inc. Griese Park Fund
  • Marshfield Area Baseball Association
  • Marshfield Area Friends of the Trails Fund
  • Marshfield Area YMCA Fund
  • Marshfield Schools Athletic Fund
  • Marshfield Tennis NOW Fund
  • Marshfield Tiger Hockey Blueline Fund
  • Miller Park Fund
  • Russ Wenzel Fund
  • Wildwood Zoo Capital Improvement Fund